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Women advance to Grand Final

Seniors need to rebound

Crucial games await

Just in case you dont have social media or have been off grid, our incredible Women pulled off an amazing win in last week’s preliminary final to pip Collegians by 1 point.  The game was played on the vast Bill Lawry Oval at Northcote in windy and trying conditions.  Collegians had been the better performed team in the regular season, but our girls were coming together at the right time and fielded our best squad for the season.  The girls were magnificent and blanketed Collegians play makers.  We had an unrelenting attack at the ball and the tackling was fierce.  You would have marveled at the improved skills: from our wonder YR 11 school girl, Marli Wilkinson to seasons players in Clare Hollebone.  Coaches Greg Harding and Em Avery let the girls do their thing, focusing on the basics rather than being too technical.  It worked, they ran and ran all day and held off a determined Collegians.  The reward a GF spot, with Old Camberwell awaiting.  Camberwell deserve favoritism, they have been the best performed team but we are coming fast and will definitely take it up to them, the girls need to start well and maintain the intensity they displayed last week.  Win lose or draw it’s been an amazing journey for them and we are immensely proud.


Enjoy the pictures below, big thanks to Stephanie Bolam's dad, Andrew.  Coaches embracing, smiling faces and a big winners celebrations.  Don't the OC jumpers and colors look fantastic on them.



What happened elswhere.............


The seniors struggled to regain the momentum they had from beating St Bernard’s.  The bye week worked against us as we looked indecisive and 2nd to the ball against Fitzroy on the weekend.  It was a massive game for both clubs, Fitzroy fighting off the relegation and for us staying alive in finals contention.  Praise to the Roys, they played the better more determined football and came out deserved winners.  Coaches and players very disappointed as we have again put ourselves under pressure, relegation is still not off the table, remote yes but still a possibility.  The 2nds bounced out and took the game away from Fitzroy 2nds, earlier in the year Fitzroy 2nds smashed us.  We had been the better team at that time but that counted for little.  This was in their minds last week with redemption the motivation, so too a spot in the finals, that explains the good numbers on the track mid-week.


Praise to the Unders, they needed to smash Blacks to build their %, with season defining games to round out the season, a big win was needed and they delivered.  This week they met up with OM; s again which will shape the finals, a school boy influx is going to help, so too the return of Henry Chapman and the release of Danyon Reinbold from the seniors.


Our 3rds bowed out with a bad loss to Fitzroy, that brings their season to an end.  The results were what we had hoped for and I know Coach Dave Pocock was disappointed.  Having said that we can be very proud of David and his ability to keep the team alive, he enlisted well in excess of 100 players, sometimes wins don’t for little, in David’s case I know he would have like some more but all the same he has done an amazing job and we are all very grateful.





What's on this  week..............plenty


Obviously we are in a GRAND FINAL, 2.00pm at Trevor Barker Oval Sandringham.  Beyond that as I have said, massive games at home to shape our seasons.  Reckon there will be a big OC crowd at TBO so get down there, its already an historic event, maybe we can go one better and take it out, the girls deserve it with the mountain of work they have done.


So please no excuses, see you either at Trevor Barker or Bulleen then back to THE HARP to celebrate a great season for the girls.








History in the making with our might Women's team.


RICHMOND FC function rooms




GRAND FINAL THURSDAY with a holiday on the Friday so NO EXCUSES.


Go to the clubs website home page to RSVP via the LINK





Bye your Ticket     HERE


Milestone game and a Debutante this week, making it 45 to have played seniors in 2017


Big congratulations to two of our young brigade, ruckman Ben Coull on reaching his 50 game milestone and Sam Bailey on his debutante selection in the seniors.  Ben and Sam are both aspiring ruckman and are part of the GENERRATIONNEXT strategy we established in 2016.  Ben has had an interrupted season, having been our main senior ruckman throughout 2016 and early 2017 Ben broke his arm and was forced to take several weeks off, Ben is now back, gradually getting his touch and fitness.  Whilst Ben will look to a big 2018 he will certainly be a great addition to the 2nds with a finals spot on the table.  Sam has returned to the club in 2017 having studied at Bond University. Sam like Ben played Unders with Michael Tarrant and is now ready to have a crack at the seniors.  Sam has earned his spot with some solid 2nds games and will be our 45th player to play seniors this season.  Congratulations Ben and Sam, we are excited to see you 2 form a great ruck partnership along with Tim Newton.


See you at the football this weekend



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