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2017 Round 1

Two sleeps away and all roads lead to Bulleen


Pleased to report we have had an amazing pre season, despite the agony of 2016 we have fantastic player retention and excellent recruitment.  Beyond that, both returning and new sponsors. There has been plenty of 2016 YR12 leavers done at the club so the Unders are looking good.  Coaches refreshed, so too players and committee.  And who would have ever imagined a WOMEN'S team playing for the OC, well look below because it will be history in the making on Saturday at 2.00pm as our mighty Ladies take on Ivanhoe out of Spice Oval. The numbers one track have been amazing with upwards of 80 seniors on top of the Unders and Womens.



Join us and create some at Bulleen on Saturday April 8th as we welcome our Women’s Team, playing their first ever game of football.



We have 4 home games and one away in store this Saturday.

Seniors start their 2017 campaign in Premier B V OLD SCOTCH.


11.40am                     Dunshea Oval               2nds v Old Scotch

2.00pm                       Dunshea Oval               Seniors v Old Scotch

2.00pm                       Gramlick Oval               Under 19’s v Uni Blues

2.00pm                       Spicer Oval                   Women’s v Ivanhoe


11.40am                     Jordan Reserve             3rds away v De La Salle  


Then we’ve got our 1st luncheon of the year on up in the Gadsden Pavilion overlooking Dunshea, no better entertainment happening anywhere in Melbourne, so come out to the Lunch to get reacquainted with the Footy.



So get your RSVP’s into me NOW PLS: mike@humphriesandcooke.com.au OR 0428394198


Sadly we have lost two people close to the club over summer.  Much loved Jeff Teele passed away, Jeff was a member of our 1954 first ever team.  Awarded life membership, Jeff would be a regular at our home lunches up in Cookie's Kitchen.  Jeff is in the photo below on the left along with fellow team mates Trevor Cleary and David Jones.  Close friend and team mate Alan Niper Parsons is not in this photo but is also a regular attendee.


We will also be wearing a black arm band on Saturday in support of our senior runner, Brad Cronin, sadly Brad's mum, Faye passed away over summer as well.


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