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More resounding wins

Away this week and challengers await

Round 4 wins to Seniors, 2nds and Unders, 3rds a draw and women the Bye.  Healthy numbers, great enthusiasm and excitement as ladders start to take shape.


I thought I would give an update on our new senior players for 2018, plenty of changes since 2017 and some very handy ins both from the school as well via the players and their mates.  Also pleased to report very little drop off since 2017, meaning greater depth and this is certainly being evidenced with our 2nds and their good results so far.  Should also say we are reaping the benefits of the school’s vastly improved football program.

Kristian Jaksch: Jumper number 12, former Carey Grammar student who was drafted to GWS with pick 12 in 2012, having played 7 games Kristian was delisted in 2014 and had a stint at Carlton before joining us in the pre-season.  Power forward who has started very well, works in recruitment at Hassett Group.

Henry Schade: Jumper number 34, cousin to the Croziers.  Henry was drafted to GCS with pick 24 in 2011, played 20 games for GCS before being delisted in 2016, redrafted to Collingwood, played 8 games there in 2017 before being delisted again.  Selected OC as his preferred club and is playing great football at CHB, a great addition to our team. Studying finance, graduates mid-year 2018 and will be keen to start his career.

Liam Mackie: Jumper number 23, former rookie at Collingwood FC, delisted in 2017 and on Box Hill’s VFL list in 2018 and has nominated us as his feeder club.  Liam is cousin to former Geelong FC’s Andrew Mackie.  Works for Virgon Construction and friends with several Carey boys.  Great addition to our list, plays tall off half back and really enjoys the club.

Lucas Forato: Jumper number 20, came to OC from Old Brighton.  Lucas played every senior game for OB in 2017 but missed out on their GF team, decided to move on, good friend to Jason Ashby so came to OC in the off season, strong bodied mid field player, great addition to the club.   

Jack Alexander: Jumper number 35, current U19 who played 1st 18 school footy in 2017, live wire small forward who has adapted very well to senior football.

Charlie Thompson: Jumper number 40, another 2017 Carey Grammar’s 1st 18 player.  Currently on Richmond VFL’s list and nominated OC as his feeder, very hard running mid field player.  Has adapted quickly to senior football.

Matthew King: Jumper number 24, brother to James King, still U19, is on Port Melbourne’s VFL list and nominated OC as his feeder.  Silky skills playing off half back, another to adapt very quickly to senior football.

Will Nichols: Jumper number 18.  Will played limited senior football at OC in 2017 whilst still U19, travelled latter half of 2017, back now, very fit.  Hard running fwd, provides a lot of defensive pressure.

Tom Jepson: Jumper number 13.  Another 2017 school 1st 18 player, got a spot on Port Melbourne’s list and nominated OC as his feeder. Plays wing, great stamina and clean skills. 

Guy Dickson: Jumper number 25 (?).  Mature aged player, Carey boy who played some senior football for us in 2012 before getting a spot on Port Melbourne’s list, was interstate last year, returned to Port in 2018 and has nominate OC as his feeder.  Tall defender/ruck, great leap and fits in very well when available

Jake Bradley: Jumper number 21.  Played U19 for us in 2017, injured for now will be back later in the season, son to Craig Bradley, great endurance, hard running wing man.

Danyon Reinbold: Jumper number 24. U19 in 2017, played a few senior games.  Now a permanent mid field player in our seniors, another with great endurance and strength. Combines very well with Charlie Thompson.

Mitch Wooffindin: established Port Melbourne player who has nominated OC as his feeder.  Mitch went to Carey and played a few U19 games in his Y12 before his VFL career in 2013. 


Here is a couple of snaps from the seniors game last weekend v Mazenod, featuring some of the above players, Charlie Thompson and Kristian Jaksch.


This week's games


Back on the road again with the Seniors and 2nds to head bay side to Parkdale.  Danger for us, Parkdale got a win last week and will remember accounting for us at home.  Women take on Old Haileybury in what should be a close game, our girls coming off a win last game will be keen to get another win.  Unders venture to St Bedes Brindisi St oval, a real fortress for SBMT, regardless we go there with confidence.  3rds take on Old Camberwell at Carey Bulleen, this will be another close encounter, having got a draw last week away to PEGS, the 3rds will be keen to go one better this week.


Catch up on last week's games



Past Players where are you all?


Just in case you missed this last week!!

Whilst I don't want to sound like grumpy old President, I must say that in my 9 year term I am disappointed by the lack of connection between the club and our past players.  We have experienced some club defining moments in that time, highs inter-dispersed with reality checks and lows.  Premierships, promotion and relegation as well as the introduction of a women's team.


Having said that I cant help but bench mark Old Carey against the likes of Collegians, De La Salle, Uni Blues and Xavs in terms of past player engagement, sadly by comparison we are a distant 5th.  Having said that there is a die hard core group (albeit small) who regularly come to our games and occasionally Cookie's lunches. Its great to have them involved and supportive, sadly though it does at times reflect poorly on the club: our history and culture, and impacts when we are trying to better the club with recruits and sponsors.  I had the pleasure of attending De La Salle's season launch in late March, they had a staggering 260 attend, with only 20 of them as current players.  I don't expect us to be able to do likewise but I would hope that we can at times reliably call on our past players and have them engage more than they currently do.


So I have asked our Treasurer, Campbell Aitken to do membership drive starting next week, hopefully you will have read this and be open to reconnecting.  Reckon you should if the opening 3 rounds by our seniors is any insight into what may lay ahead, the boys have been impressive, so too the 2nds Unders and Women.


Interested then click on this LINK top see what membership options are still available for 2018.


I hope that by the end of my 9th and final year as president I will have achieved one lasting goal, that is to have an improved core group of past players who are committed in supporting the club and play their part in continuing to develop our already rich history.

Back home R6 and Cookie has done it again, next weekend


Another great get by Cookie, this time he has landed 2 Richmond FC stars

Reece Conca and Kam McIntosh

So best get in early and book now!


Cost $30 with drinks at bar prices

12.00 to 2.00 pm

Very casual

Pay upon arrival



Michael Cooke, either 0428 394198 or mike@humphriesandcooke.com.au


See you at the football



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