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More good signs with for our all of our team

Women Round 3 winners

It was back to perfect condition for R3, although it was an away day for us.  Seniors and 2nds victorious out at Monash Uni v Monash Blues, Unders away to Fitzroy and winners, 3rds sadly beaten at home hosting an aggressive St Bernards.  However, the story of the week must be our Women, as reported its a new look team given the number of changes in the off season.  All the same plenty of school graduates mixed in with some experience and guess what they come home winners.  Playing Mentone away, the ladies were magnificent and with 17 scoring shots got a well-deserved win.


The seniors ventured to Monash very weary of Blues, despite not wining so far this season Monash had a been a very good side in 2017 so it was be foolish to take them lightly.  Our boys came to play, having watched the 2nds gain control and win it was time the seniors did likewise.  A brilliant 1st quarter set the tone as we powered away to win 3 straight, another massive win and a another % boost.  The Unders got back to work and kept Fitzroy at bay, the early 9.30 am start didn't bother them and it was comfortable win.  The 3rds found St Bernard's a bit too good, a 2nd quarter nasty incident did fire our boys up but as injuries hit they couldn't stay with Bernies.


Here is a snap of the girls ahead of the game, with our captain Kirra Tevelin given some last-minute encouragement


This week's games


So to this week we are back home with the Seniors and 2nds on Dunshea hosting Mazenod, need to show them some respect as they beat us convincingly both games in 2017. The Unders host Parkdale, typically a quality team, the 3rds are away to PEGS and the Women have a bye, the VAFA has fixtured a full BYE round for all women's team this week, allowing the ladies a short break after a long preseason.  Timing is perfect for us Cookie has arranged a great lunch at home, featuring 2 AFLW stars, so we hope to have a good turn out of our ladies along to listen to what the guest have to say about the AFLW.


Catch up on last week's games



Past Players where are you all?


Whilst I don't want to sound like grumpy old President, I must say that in my 9 year term I am disappointed by the lack of connection between the club and our past players.  We have experienced some club defining moments in that time, highs inter-dispersed with reality checks and lows.  Premierships, promotion and relegation as well as the introduction of a women's team.


Having said that I cant help but bench mark Old Carey against the likes of Collegians, De La Salle, Uni Blues and Xavs in terms of past player engagement, sadly by comparison we are a distant 5th.  Having said that there is a die hard core group (albeit small) who regularly come to our games and occasionally Cookie's lunches. Its great to have them involved and supportive, sadly though it does at times reflect poorly on the club: our history and culture, and impacts when we are trying to better the club with recruits and sponsors.  I had the pleasure of attending De La Salle's season launch in late March, they had a staggering 260 attend, with only 20 of them as current players.  I don't expect us to be able to do likewise but I would hope that we can at times reliably call on our past players and have them engage more than they currently do.


So I have asked our Treasurer, Campbell Aitken to do membership drive starting next week, hopefully you will have read this and be open to reconnecting.  Reckon you should if the opening 3 rounds by our seniors is any insight into what may lay ahead, the boys have been impressive, so too the 2nds Unders and Women.


Interested then click on this LINK top see what membership options are still available for 2018.


I hope that by the end of my 9th and final year as president I will have achieved one lasting goal, that is to have an improved core group of past players who are committed in supporting the club and play their part in continuing to develop our already rich history.

Few seat remain for tomorrow's R4 lunch


This one will be a cracker as Cookie has landed 2 AFLW stars as his Q&A guests.  So with the ladies having a BYE April 28 its ideal to have them attend together with family, partners and friends and enjoy some time together the club ahead of big R4 games for the men's teams.


Cost $30 with drinks at bar prices

12.00 to 2.00 pm

Very casual

Pay upon arrival



Michael Cooke, either 0428 394198 or mike@humphriesandcooke.com.au


See you at the football



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