Apart from our U19’s the seniors and 2nds had last week off courtesy of the VAFA scheduling a bye round so as to allow the Premier grade (A, B and C) finals to commence a week later than the Divisional (D1- 4 plus Unders) finals.  Whilst that works for some teams it’s a real struggle for teams already not in finals contention, giving players a disconnection with the club when all they really want is to get the season done asap.


Our Unders took on St Bedes MT at Brindisi Street last Saturday and with an influx of Carey Grammar school boys played some very good football.  Credit to St Bedes who played the better 2nd half and ran out solid winners, all the same I was very pleased to see several school boys and their parents involved, they will be great additions in 2017.  Credit to our Unders coach, Nick Andrewes who has managed the squad incredibly well.  Injuries and inevitable overseas midyear exists has produced selection challenges but at the same time opportunities.  They will miss finals this year but have done well, up a grade from last year.  Looking at the seniors game v Blacks (Sat July 30) the boys played valiant football in terrible conditions on a very substandard Melbourne Uni main oval.




I can’t believe Melbourne University allows one of its prime assets to deteriorate to such an extent in winter. We sustained 3 serious injuries: 2 knees and an ankle, with all boys stating their feet being stuck in the mud and not being able to move when tackled.  I have reported our concerns to the VAFA demanding they close the ground until it improves, the bye may have allowed that to happen.  It was another tough day for our 2nds, goal less for the game, regardless they soldier on and played their best for each other, massive praise to them and coach Jarrod Reid.


This week we host the inform Xavs whilst the Unders play Whitefriars.  Our senior list has taken a further hit with 5 senior players injured and many 2nds either out for the rest of the season or unavailable.  No doubt that a wining environment ensures enthusiasm and numbers, our win loss record is poor this season and has definitely contributed to our numbers dropping off. It will be a painful final 3 rounds, I expect in particular of our 2nds.


Girls Football for the VAFA in 2017




Straight from the VAFA website:


It’s official; the VAFA will commence a women’s league in 2017. It may have taken 125 years but women will take the field for the first official VAFA match next year. After months of gathering support from our clubs, the Board had enough confidence the interest and enthusiasm will translate into fielding teams and we inaugurate the VAFA Women’s League.  We have about 25 clubs who are working towards entering a team in 2017.  Of this we are confident that at least half of these will run out on April 9 and become a foundation member of the VAFA Women’s League. What an historic occasion for the Association and those clubs.


On the back of this the committee has been working with the school to promote the club as a potential vehicle to host girl’s football.  One challenge is that AFL is not currently offered as an APS sport for girls.  Regardless Carey together with a number of other schools has committed to out on a small series of games in T3, starting this weekend with a gala morning of round robin games at Carey Bulleen, comprising 9 schools.


Next Saturday, August 20th at 11.30am Old Carey together with Collegians have invited girls from both schools to play a curtain raiser exhibition game on Dunshea ahead of the senior’s game.  We hope to demonstrate to the girls we are committed and capable of supporting a girl’s football program and will look to 2018 as a possible start up.


Seniors this week: it’s Panthers v Xavs



  • Seniors v Xavs: 2.00pm, Dunshea Oval, Carey Bulleen
  • 2nds v Xavs: 11.40am, Dunshea Oval, Carey Bulleen
  • 3rds no game  
  • U19’s v Whitefriars: 2.00pm, Gramlick Oval, Carey Bulleen


A special BBQ feed and them some Freo reflection

The boys were treated to a great one on one interview last night; Murph did a job on Steve Freemantle.  Freo has been a Panther since 2007 and chatted with great passion about why he loves the OC so much.  Steve didn’t go to Carey, rather came down because he had mates and from the day he arrived he was embraced by the club.  Steve is a great role model to the boys and is a fantastic footballer and clubman, we were very fortunate he chose us over De La and Old Trinity.  Photographed here with Murph (left), it was great interview.




The boys were treated to a great feed as well last night at selection.  Special mention must go to both Rob O’Hern and Lachie Hall who, despite season ending injuries cooked up a storm on the BBQ and fed the boys a solid serve of a hamburgers and fries.  Don’t you love them?



This week’s Pink Panther


Congrats to our senior’s runner Braddles, this week’s very worthy winner, recognising courage, commitment and spirit.  Best runner in the VAFA!




Cookie’s kitchen Round 17 August 20th v Collegians





The great Simon Beasley will be in the house (Cookie’s Kitchen) Saturday week so you better get in quick and reserve your spot.  I have had the privilege of knowing Simon for many years and I know you will love his football stories and racing antics!  This will be our last home lunches for 2016, so please get in now and book:  mike@humphriesandcooke.com.au or 0428394198    



Thick n Thin Round




One in 4 young people in Australia will experience a mental health issue at some point. With some 10,000 young men playing in the VAFA each week, mental health issues are likely to prevalent at all clubs.  The VAFA in conjunction with Old Carey and a number of other clubs are all on-board.  Tomorrow you will notice the OC and Xavs players wearing both dark and light blue socks, trademark colours of the program.  This fundraising initiative will help Thick n Thin in its partnership with the Mental Health Education Group raise funds that can go directly towards having VAFA players and officials receive a mental health first aid training and certification.


2016 B & F Night

Mark this down in your social calendar now, Thursday 29th September (AFL grand final week and Friday is a holiday).  Book tickets: HERE

Match Reports

Stay in touch with the games, following this link to our website, win, lose or draw we will publish the results and the coaches reports.


Remaining games

Round 17       

Saturday, Aug 20

Old Carey  V  Collegians        


Round 18       

Saturday, Aug 27

De La Salle  V  Old Carey        




See you at Bulleen.




Paul Newton

President, Old Carey GFC


Go Panthers!!







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