Hard work doesn’t always mean REWARD


I had the privilege of listening to our coach’s address their players on Saturday, both pre match and again afterwards.  Jarrod Reid remained very positive with plenty of encouragement for the 2nds despite the bad loss, he spoke of commitment and the need to get to training and work through the new game structure, he reminded the boys they had just played the 2015 Premier A, 2nds grand finalist and that there was plenty to learn from the loss.  Co-captain Lewis Fotheringham spoke up and demanded the players all get to training and stay as a unit and work through the challenges.  Despite the loss I know there was a lot to like about Jarrod’s approach, his encouragement and support of his players, so too in the words Lewis said as a captain of the team.  I know this group has worked hard in the pre-season and respond, starting this Saturday back at Bulleen v OM’s.


The pictures of the seniors in this report are of contrast.  Both taken in the rooms, the first picture was pre game where the boys were a very focused group listening to Paul and Michael’s combined pre match address.  Plenty of strategy, tactics and a game plan aimed at negating the Blues ball use but using run and applying pressure when Blues had it.  Paul and Taz had put a lot of thought into the game and that was obvious from their pre-game address.  The 2nd photo is post game after a 6 goal loss, yes there was despair and disappointment, and some very sore bodies.  It was a physical game with plenty of running and contests.  Despite the loss the coaches still put in plenty of time with the group analysing what went wrong, how the game plan held up or didn’t and what the group needed to address during the week.  One thing for sure, it was positive, professional and full of encouragement, you got the feeling the coaches were hurting more for the boys as they knew the group had played their collective hearts out.  Two injuries, one within the first 5 minutes of the game certainly made the task that much more difficult.




I know it would have been the same scene for both the Unders and the 3rds with the coaches preparing well and then dealing with a loss and providing positive feedback immediately after the game.  No dwelling, just move on and focus on this week.


It’s a tough gig coaching, especially when you put in so much work at training and preparation pre game.  We are very fortunate to have this group of coaches and assistants at the club as we work through our generational change.  I know the players have really welcomed the coaches and have great affinity with them all.  There is a real positive feel amongst the group and they are really responding well to the new game plan and the new approach to football.


Past Player and Membership update 


Big thanks to all those that have taken up the 2016 membership offering, we are now up to:

Past Players: 19 paid up

Others: 20 paid up

It's early days but we would love to see in particular the huge passive number of past players out there sign up and become members of the club, giving back.  Our aim is to have a Past Players semi active membership and be able to hold lunches and events for our former Panther players.  So please follow the link below and do it now, there is lot of stuff going on at the club and we need you to become members in the same way that the likes of Xavs, De La, Collegians and many others have a proud engaged past player memberships.


ANZAC ceremony ahead of the game


Another big weekend looms with 3 OM’s team venturing to Carey, so too St Bedes MT’s 3rds.  There is no school sport on given the Anzac long weekend so we have the place to ourselves.  Being Anzac weekend we hope to have a pre senior game ceremony on Dunshea with the playing of Last Post, OM’s players will join our boys as we pay our respect.  We hope to have in excess of 150 players participate in the ceremony.  We will invite OC's 4 teams as well as OM's 3 teams (seniors, 2nds and unders) plus St Bedes Mentone Tiger's 3rds team.  And we will again have a school student play Last Post.  Pictured opposite is the 2015 ceremony before our Anzac day game v Old Trinity.







Cordners come to Bulleen: VAFA champion Ian Cordner


Cookie has again been busy and has secured VAFA champion/OM great, Ian Cordner as our luncheon guest.  Ian will be joined by his cousin, Ed Cordner as well as our former Seniors TM, David Cordner.  The Cordner name is famous in football so book your spot.



Time:             12.00 noon for 12.15pm

Venue:           OCGA Rooms, Jenkin Stand, Carey Playing Fields, Bulleen

Cost:              $30.00 per head lunch with Drinks at bar prices

RSVP:             Friday 22nd April mike@humphriesandcooke.com.au or 0428394198


This week 

  • Seniors and 2nds home OM's

  • 3rd's home to St Bedes MT

  • U19's home to OM's

More details here


That’s all for now, please join us out at Carey Bulleen this Saturday, it promises to be a great day for football and time to refelct on our ANZAC heros.  2016 is a year of change and we need all of our supporters with us on the boundary line.




Paul Newton



              GO PANTHERS





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