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2nds and Unders advance

The results from last weekend make you realize we are on track with our recovery.  2 breathtaking wins in finals.  The Unders kept a very determined SBMT at bay and advance to the GRAND FINAL v Collegians, whilst the 2nds were too determined and fierce in beating St Bernards in extra time to advance to this weeks PRELIM FINAL v Old Brighton.


Despite these results some will say as a club we have had an average season, seniors really never got going, winning a few of the difficult games but losing games that we should never have lost.  Good recruits and player retention but a moderate win/loss ratio, sufficient to stay up Prem B, but that's about it.  Well I say have another look, because that's rubbish.  Sure we had hoped for a better seniors outcome but lets look at all of the facts.


We entered 2017 off the back of a disastrous 2016.  Relegated from Prem A, winning 1 game across the seniors, 2nd and 3rds, the Unders did ok but no finals.  We lost respect, had plenty of self doubt and finished the season knowing we had a mountain of work to do rebuild the club.  Massive praise must go to our coaches who stuck fat, kept the boys believing and generated a great deal of enthusiasm in pre-season.  On top of the that we made the bold decision to introduce a Women's team, bold because we really needed to focus on re establishing ourselves.  Questions were being asked: could we manage the added work load, would it work and at what cost to the club,  both in terms of managing the women's program as well as the added administration in securing ovals, recruitment of a new group of players and coaching staff.


Now fast forward to last weekend.  We had already achieved a great deal, having the Women play in an earlier GF.  The  2nds now were in finals, a 1st since 2007 (thanks for the correction Jack Mac!!) and our Unders had found good form and were playing for a spot in a Grand Final. Out at Box Hill City Oval our 2nds beat St Bernards whilst the Unders beat SBMT.  We advance!!  A prelim for the 2nds (heaven knows when that last occurred) and a GF for the Unders, their 2nd GF in 3 years.


I had the privilege of watching both games and whilst the football was awesome what I really notice was the club's passion and pride.  In both games we out numbered the opposition supporters and were much loaded and more supportive, a big shout out to all the parents an friends that attended.  Our Panther players, both boys and girls stood united behind our goals, cheering loudly, giving it to the opposition and willing our boys on.  I have no doubt this had an impact on the players, you could tell.  It left me realising that we will be OK, we are healing fast from the pains of 2016, our work is being rewarded and our recently adopted #generationnext mantra is alive and well.  This is an important time in our history, we are on the verge of a full list rebuild from the successes of the 2010-2015 era, we need to send the Carey school footballers a loud message, our club is their football pathway upon graduation.  And beyond that we are a club of choice for anyone whether they are past Carey students or not that we will welcome them and that we have much to offer.


Enough of all of that, all we need now is for All of you again to hear the call and respond by getting to Trevor Barker Oval this Saturday morning and witness it all yourself, as I have said there is a lot to like about the club and where we are heading.


See you at TBO .................early!!


TAKE 2, Matilda Hubbard has been added


The Women's season has attracted some attention........


Our inspirational full back, Matilda Hubbard has been added to the list, Matilda had a great season, providing sensational rebound and strong overhead marking.  Having Bella and now Matilda in the sqaud is further endorsement of our program.


14 VAFA Wilson Women’s players will receive the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of AFLW recruiters as part of AFL Victoria’s Female Young Guns match at Coburg City Oval next Saturday.  Included in the 14 is OC’s Bella Nichols and Matilda Hubbard. The Female Young Guns match kicks off at 12pm this Saturday at Coburg City Oval and will also act as a curtain raiser to the VFL Women’s preliminary final.


GO the Panther girls!!


#GENERATIONNEXT is here for sure!!


Big congratulations to our U19 captain, Henry Chapman for his amazing result in the VAFA's S2 U19 B&F count.  Henry played just 8 games and came equal 2nd, missing out on the award by 1 vote.  Henry is a star and that was very quickly noticed not only by the VAFA umps but OC's senior coaches who were quick to promote Henry to the seniors.  Henry played 3 games before injuring his ankle and having 8 weeks out. This makes last night's result all the more impressive.


Big things await Henry and OC in 2018!!







History in the making with our mighty Women's team.


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