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The pressure is mounting

can we do another 2009 effort?


There is no doubt we are in the drop zone, two wins from 9 games isn't good enough, we can make excuses but the reality is we need to find a way to dig ourselves out of this.  I recall back in 2009, we were in a very similar position.  Under the then coach Trevor Rowe (in his 1st year) we played a very ordinary patch of mid winter football and were staring down the barrel of relegation.  Somehow the club dug deep and fought its way out to survive.  Trevor keep his job and we survived just, history tells us we rallied in 2010 despite another poor start to win 16 in a row and gain promotion to Premier A grade.  The message it can be done, however we must act now to get the ball rolling.  Scotch this week will be a massive challenge.


I am confident the coaches and players are working very hard to achieve this and are committed.  Beyond the Scotch game we play 3 crucial games that may well define us, AJAX at home followed by Peninsula away then home again to Parkdale.  Wins are vital as these teams are all just above us on the ladder.


The Unders will get some invaluable support as of this weekend as there will be an influx of the school boys given the Term break.  This group has loads of talent and we hope will be back in 2018 to play Unders/seniors.  There is a lot of quality in the current crop of YR12's so lots to look forward too.  This makes staying in Premier B now so important!!!!


The 2nds just missed out last weekend and will benefit from the return of some more injured players, all the same Scotch will be tough.  The 3rds got belted last week but I know they will front up again and do their best, I am so proud of this group and their coaching staff, as I have reported previously it's a tough assignment being a 3rds coach.


The Women's team continues to develop and are amazing with their passion and willingness to learn.  The Collegians loss was brave and I know the ladies have set themselves for a big crack at Yarra Valley this weekend, it's a 4.45pm game so best of luck under the lights.


Follow this LINK to read  last week's Round 9 coaches match reports.


With winter upon us the players really need your support so please make every effort to get along to our matches.


NEXT WEEKEND we are back at Bulleen and will have Cookie's kitchen open so get in and book (details below).  With 4 teams at home it should be popular and an ideal way to spend the day with a fun lunch beforehand.


Clarkie becomes the latest to taste Senior Football


Daniel Clarke will get his chance to experience senior football this Saturday on the Scotch main oval.  Better known at OC as the Candyman, Daniel is another one of the U19 2015 premiership team to get the call up.  Daniel spent a lot of last season recovering from a troublesome knee and trained hard in the off season to get his fitness and touch back.


Daniel will be the 39th player to play seniors in 2017, injuries have again hit hard.  All the same Daniel has a certain X FACTOR and we have no doubt will acquit himself very well this week.  Best of luck Candyman!


All roads lead to Scotch College this Saturday as we will be playing the Scotch Seniors and 2nds on the school's main oval.  This invite came about in the pre season and coincides with the Term 2 holidays thereby enabling Old Scotch to gain access.  It will a rear treat to get the opportunity to play here so lets make the most of it.  Scotch are playing great football but beware a wounded Panther!


Last weekend's action

seniors 3/4 quarter huddle


Cookie's Kitchen open for business July 1st

Parents and partners theme

We are back in business Sat week, July 1st ahead of the AJAX game.  With 4 teams all at home it promises to be a massive day of football.


Joining us will be past player, Andrew Leonard.  Andrew has a long history in football, having played for the OC after school days, Andrew went on to become a key member of the VAFA's management team, heading up the social media team.  Andrew quickly moved up the football ranks as has for the last 2 years been the Hawthorn FC, Manager Digital Media.  So Andrew will have lots to offer up on the AFL's social media push and what Hawthorn is doing it that space. 




Michael Cooke 0425 394 198



See you at the football this weekend




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