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Winter has arrived and good to have wins in the bank

This might sound strange but for the seniors and the health of the club we have all but taken relegation off the table.  This was our 1st objective and we are almost there, a win tomorrow for the seniors will allow us to focus on the next bracket of games, OH this week followed by Beaumaris, Uni Blacks (currently undefeated as well) then AJAX to round out the opening 9 games.  The big preseason is paying dividends as all teams are showing much improved levels of fitness.  We invested in 44 GPS units in the off season and they are paying big dividends.  Worn by the senior men, 2nds and U19's it gives the coaches and our strength and conditioning team a lot of invaluable data.  I have chatted with apposing clubs and they certainly are commenting on our fitness.  The data creates an increased level of competitiveness among the players as they strive to improve relative to their team mates.  Big thanks to Jeremy Dickson who drove this initiative, the 44 units is a sizable investment, but almost std equipment in football today for many ambitious clubs.


Last week's 4 wins came to the men's teams with our women playing good football, in particular their 2 quarter but falling short to Old Haileybury.  The seniors were made to work hard by Parkdale, eventually wining by 60 points, the 2nds had a comfortable 80 point win, the 3rds winning very well against Old Camberwell and the U19's playing good football to beat SBMT at Brindisi St.  With excellent numbers on the track we reload for more games this week, have all 5 teams at home this week.  Given the fact that we now have 5 teams we are training on 3 nights mid week, thereby allowing all teams to get game simulation in, the lights at Carey Bulleen really are not great so we need the extra night.


As stated we have all teams at home tomorrow, first time in my memory.  To accommodate we will be playing the 3rds game on the YJFL's oval across the road.  Cookie's kitchen will have a Richmond feel to it with Reece Conka and Kam McIntosh joining us.  The school 1st 18 will be playing on Dunshea at 11 am so it will be a very busy day.  All the same with the way the season has begun for us I reckon you should rug up and head out top Bulleen, plenty on offer.


You can feel the focus and commitment in the picture below of the seniors at the quarter time huddle hanging on Taz's every word.  The 2nd pic is our our women's captain Kirra Tevelein with her apposing OH captain and field umpire prior to there game, last week was the VAFA's umpire appreciation round.


This week's games


Back to Bulleen for 5 home games as we host Old Hailebury, Mazenod, Collegians and Old Brighton.


Catch up on last week's games



Big thanks to a select few of our Past Players


As reported we are very keen to reconnect with our past players and a BIG THANKS to the follow who have taken up the call and become a financial member for 2018:


  • Andrew Grigg
  • Craig Glindemann
  • Andrew Gates
  • Duncan Palmer
  • Chris Shaw
  • Mark Evans
  • Kelvin Shrives
  • Peter Tompkins
  • Michael Cooke
  • James Evans
  • Andrew Oppy


Awesome work by this very select group, but by my reckoning there is still another 400 plus out there they remain silent!!!


You would have by now received an email invitation from our Treasurer, Campbell Aitken to take up a Past Player membership.  PLEASE take it up as it will assist greatly with our football program funding such initiatives as the GPS units and S&C you will see the results.

Here is the LINK top see what membership options are still available for 2018.


I hope that by the end of my 9th and final year as president I will have achieved one lasting goal, that is to have an improved core group of past players who are committed in supporting the club and play their part in continuing to develop our already rich history.

Last Call for a seat at the table, Cookie's Kitchen this Saturday


  A Tigers Theme  


Reece Conca & Kam McIntosh


Cost $30 with drinks at bar prices

12.00 to 2.00 pm

Very casual

Pay upon arrival



Michael Cooke, either 0428 394198 or mike@humphriesandcooke.com.au


See you at the football



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