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2nds finally get on the board

Finally our 2nds were rewarded for their self belief and persistence.  It may have taken 960 days to get a win but the wait was worth it based on the excitement of the post game celebration.  YES you read correctly, this team hasn't tasted victory for 3 years!  Hard to imagine, all the same they have never given up.  Prem A was a tough gig, last year took its toll on our 2nds, in the death of the season we had 36 players unavailable across the list, meaning the 2nds were decimated each week having to prop up our seniors.  We played close to 75 players in the 2nds in 2016.  SO looking to 2017, our aim was to accept relegation and get healthy again, one of the litmus tests is how competitive your 2nds are and I can say we definitely are, losing to Scotch by 10 points then beating AJAX by 7 goals.  Take a moment to look at the post game celebration and song, never sung any louder.


2nds sign the song loud with a win over AJAX.



The seniors were so fortunate going down to AJAX by 2 points in a cliff hanger, reckon we were the better team but some poor decision making cost us.  All the same we are improving and I know the boys will be on the winners list very soon.  Terrific to see Jason Ashby playing inspiring football so too our captain Cam Jones.  We are still a new team and will get better as the boys play more games together.  All the same a massive challenge this week at home to St Bernards.  The 3rds played much better pushing Fitzroy all the way.  So too the Unders away to traditional rival, Willliamstown.  Unders coach Nick Andrews has some talent in his Unders and they will win their fare share of games.


I had the privileged of seeing our Women's team play Marcellin last Saturday morning.  Whilst the result indicated Marcellin winners by 5 goals that certainly did not reflect the intensity of the game and how quickly our girls have developed.  Marcellin are a well drilled team with several quality players, they had thrashed us in the re season so had justifiable reason to feel confident.  Our girls were amazing, their tackling, running and pressure was incredible.  So too their determination.  This was best demonstrated by their last quarter where they dominated Marcellin, scoring freely and finishing full of run.  So its a massive congratulations to the team, coaches and support staff, we are immensely proud of you all.  Pictured below is our captain, Kirra Tevelein (left) and vice captain Tarryn Jeffrey , aren't they amazing! 


Where are we this weekend


Plenty of activity in and around the club

NETWORK BREAKFAST:   7.00 am, May 4th


Details below, please join us, business acquaintances welcome.  Its a great opportunity to get to know some other OC faithful and see where the catch up takes you.



Cookie's Kitchen back in action, Saturday 29 April


Join us in welcoming past Magpie great: Des Tuddenham to Bulleen ahead of the all important clash v St Bernards.  Ring Cookie now to save a spot: 0428 394 198




See you at the football this weekend




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